The ProPutt ERGO

The Development Team at ProPutt are proud to introduce the lightest, oversized Putter Grip on the market.  Our innovative, inaugural product: the ProPutt ERGO.  By developing known technology we can boast a broad spectrum of improvements.  

At ProPutt we believe that our lightweight products will improve your putting. The correct putter swing-weight is all about the balance of the club.  The swing-weight is an approximation of how head-heavy your putter feels during your stroke.  Through increasing the swing weight, you add feel and accentuate the precision milled head of your putter.

The ERGO is unique. We can exclusively announce a 10% reduction in core weight vs comparable competitors, THE lightest grip on the market. 

Why choose us? Superior features.... 


Our oversized grip helps to remove wrist twitches and lessens excess movement in the putting stroke. This enables a smoother follow through and thusly creates a consistent connection and roll. Further to this, our larger tapered grip helps to align the hips and the body to promote a pendulum swing that is dictated by the torso and upper body.


The study of ergonomics outlines the importance of the relationship between the operative and their environment. We have applied this theory to develop an innovative construct, adopting natural contours, enhancing your grip, comfort and control.


Putting is all about the balance and feel of the putter. The swing-weight is an approximation of how head heavy your putter feels during your stroke. Our super lightweight grip increases the swing weight, adding feel and accentuating the head of your putter.


ProTac Technology is the accumulation of our vast research. Our textured, tapered, polyurethane (PU) composite allows for a greatly enhanced grip. PU is a highly resilient and durable compound designed for endurance. Suitable for all weathers and incredibly cohesive; when it comes to re-gripping your putter, this is without doubt the best material on the market. To learn more about ProTac tech please visit our Technology page.

The ProPutt ERGO. Reduced weight = Enhanced Feel #DefineYourPutter